What Our Agents Have To Say -

Our world is moving fast. We get it, but we need help… Just like me, you will find it here at
eXp. The training / coaching is fantastic, they took a total newbie and turned me into an internet lead

A collaborative environment gives us the opportunity to talk, share, learn & train with the
best in the industry. Top agents from across the Country and beyond.

eXp Realty is on the cutting edge. They created the first of its kind Web 3.0 virtual Real Estate
Office. It’s a virtual environment, totally paperless with a team of Techs that know SEO inside and out.
Not only do they know it, they teach it and provide you with a blog, website, database, and interface it
to all your mobile apps. This means, no fees to Top Producer, WiseAgent and WordPress.

We all have a history, but it is just that, history. eXp embraces the future of real estate
and the potential of its Broker / Agent team in today’s market.

This is no propaganda! The support that eXp Realty is committed to providing brokers like myself
is above and beyond any support system I’ve ever seen or experienced. I’m grateful every day.

I’ve been reading, attending seminars and webinars from a variety of sources and the
“Experts” all agree that the Real Estate Industry is in the beginnings of a major shift and if you want to
prosper from the shift you needed to embrace technology. eXp is on the cutting edge of technology.

The business is going to look like the travel industry soon. Few travel agencies have survived the
internet. Real Estate is going online too. At eXp we are positioned to take advantage of the paradigm shift
now. Our company was founded by a internet marketing guru rather than how most brokerages started
from within the industry.

Like many in this industry, beyond my best efforts, others were making decisions for me,
my team, and the growth / development of my Florida markets.  At eXp I am able to take my owner
mindset to reality.